Resources for Developers

Resources for Developers

In this page, I am going to collect all the websites, free ebooks, books, and other resources I think are helpful for software developers. If you think there are other resources that worth to be listed on this page feel free to contact me and put them at my attention.

This is a list of websites, blogs, and resources that I read frequently and that I consider a good source of information for software developers.

Simple Programmer


Free Programming Books

Tania Rascia

J Cole Morrison

Powel Grzybek


Resources for Game Programming

Software programming includes a wide range of topics that it is impossible to cover even in 30 years of experience. However, I consider game programming the funniest topic that a software developer can work on. Moreover, it is also a challenging task because games are very different from normal applications. They require dedicated skills that cover a wide range of topics like animation, programming, graphics, AI, physics, performance, and much more.

In this section, I will collect the most important web resources for game programming.


Game Programming Patterns

Code in Complete

Programming Guide for Video-gamers (Thanks to Dylan for reporting)

Resources for Software Architect

High Scalability

News and Communities

Hacker News


Free Code Camp


Companies Tech Blogs

Netflix Tech Blog

Google Cloud Platform Blog