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If this is the first time you land on this website probably you are wondering how it can help you to become a better programmer. In the following page, I explain why I created this website and what benefits you can find as a hobbyist or professional programmer.

Who am I?

Salvatore D'Angelo

My name is Salvatore D’Angelo and I am a professional software engineer that works for a well-known American software company. You can read my story here.

What is my experience?

In over 30 years of experience as a professional software developer, I have had the opportunity to work on numerous projects. You can read my full career history on my Linkedin page. I was fortunate enough to be involved in all phases of a software development cycle.

Software Developer

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I soon realized that the challenges to be faced in creating quality software that met the customer demands are very different from what the books on which I had studied explained. Throughout this period I have seen the software world transform rapidly and radically thanks to new technologies and development models.

I believe this perspective on the computer world can help me create a website different from those on the web today.

Why this website?

I love writing, I think writing is a great tool to consolidate my knowledge. For this reason, I decided to open this website to share everything I have learned in recent years. I think it can help other people who want to approach this fantastic world professionally or as a hobby.

Sharing Knowledge

I have always believed that the best way to learn a new programming language or technology is to make a small project with it.

This will be the philosophy of this website. Explain how to use programming languages ​​and technologies through small projects or tutorials explained step by step.

This philosophy and my perspective on the software development world is a good mix to help you understand how to learn a programming language or a technology, what are the things that really matter and how companies today face new challenges that the world put in front of them.

How to Start?

This website contains a set of projects where I explain, step by step, how to use a specific technology. I suggest you visit the Project page and search for a project that is of interest to you.

In all these years of experience, I learned that people learn faster when they study something that interests them.

All projects and tutorials provide the source code that you can download from my Github page.

Once you selected a project, read the articles and try to understand its basic concepts. In this phase, it’s not important you understand everything and all the source code. When all basic concepts are clear, you can download the source code and trying to play with it.

Make a project

When you are able to run the software, you can go deep in detail analyzing how it works. In this phase, you can fork the projects and try to fix some bugs or add new features. Feel free to do it and make a pull request. I will be happy to merge your contribution in the original code.

In my blog, there are some standalone articles that are not included in any projects. You can find them starting from the Blog page and clicking the page links in the bottom.