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Android Game Programming

This is the Android Game Programming article series. Here I will show you, step by step, how to write your first Android game: Droids a Tetris clone. The series starts showing how to write your first Android application using Java and Android Studio. Then I will explain the basic concepts of Game Programming. From this point forward, we will add to our application more features like: file, resources, input, music, and graphics management. The result will be a Game Framework whose code you can reuse for other games. Finally, we will use the Framework as base code to write Droids, a Tertris clone. Checkout the article series here.

Getting started with Docker

This is the Getting started with Docker article series. In it I would like to explain what Docker is and how I use it in my day by day job. To make this series more practical, I will show you how to write your first “Hello World!” containerized application. Then, I will show you how to install PostgreSQL in a container and use it as a service. I will discuss about how the networking layer works in Docker and we will configure three PostgreSQL containers to work in cluster. Finally, we will use Docker Compose to simplify the deployment and complete our journey. Check out the article series here.

How to build a Raspberry Media Center

This is the How to build a Raspberry Media Center article series. Here I would like to show you how to build a Raspberry Media Center with an HDD and enclosure. The series will show you the required hardaware to buy to build the Media Center and how to configure it properly to watch Movie and TV Series, to play Retrogames, to use it as a Torrent machine, and to share files in your network like a NAS. Check out the article series here.